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QEDXpert is an NX integration software developed to help manufacturers to reduce lead times & reduce costs with complex and challenging electrodes. It is a step-by-step solution which streamline and automate electrode modeling, design, validate, automated CAM programming, document up to the final steps of tool setup sheets required for CNC & EDM process for production.

Key Features

  • Highly automated electrode design process​
  • Specialized electrode modeling tools​
  • Standard component libraries and intelligent blank selection​
  • Automated drawing creation​
  • Reduced electrode design errors​

Why use QEDXpert

  • Low cost of ownership, ease of use and easy to learn. ​
  • Reduction in electrode design and process documentation time up to 60%.
  • Reduction in overall lead time and engineering reworks.
  • Seamless integration and user-friendly interface to NX. ​
  • Enhancement in manpower utilization; maximization of resources by producing more with the same number of hours. ​
  • Elimination of manual NX program handling.
  • Facilitation of more accurate cost planning and management. ​
  • Improvement in inter-department workflow; less work disruption. ​
  • Enhanced design automation to reduce work stress for engineers, so as to be more focused on the job.
  • Standardize company work processes and maintain consistency.​


QEDXpert Highlight

  • Auto Electrode Design, Interference check with insert
  • Auto electrode Drafting for CNC & EDM setting​, include electrode information, CNC programming list, EDM position and electrode & insert views ​
  • Auto electrode location checklist
  • Auto electrode BOM list


Optional Add-On

QEDXpert Auto Programming

QEDXpert add-on electrode auto programming, is a customize program to automate electrode cnc program. It have 27 template electrode cutting toolpath in default and allow us to add in too. It allow us to choose electrode material, type of spark gap & cnc machine type etc. and generate the tool path automatically.


  • Electrode Auto CAM Programming​
  • Operation Parameters Integration Editing
  • Auto Check Missing Electrode​
  • Auto Post