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QMDXpert is a series of customization programs for Siemens NX, developed to help manufacturers to reduce lead times & reduce costs with complex and challenging mold design processes. It is a step-by-step solution which streamline and automates mold modeling, design, validate to enable more efficient and error-free work.

Key Features

  • Highly automated mold design process​
  • Specialized mold modeling tools​
  • Standard component libraries​
  • Automated drawing creation​
  • Reduced mold design errors​

Why use QMDXpert

  • Low cost of ownership, ease of use and easy to learn. ​
  • Reduction in electrode design and process documentation time up to 60%.
  • Reduction in overall lead time and engineering reworks.
  • Seamless integration and user-friendly interface to NX. ​
  • Enhancement in manpower utilization; maximization of resources by producing more with the same number of hours. ​
  • Elimination of manual NX program handling.
  • Facilitation of more accurate cost planning and management. ​
  • Improvement in inter-department workflow; less work disruption. ​
  • Enhanced design automation to reduce work stress for engineers, so as to be more focused on the job.
  • Standardize company work processes and maintain consistency.​